Did Van Gogh Die In Vain?

I HAVE A DREAM.... Butterfly Genius Inc. is passionate about supporting ARTISTS OF ALL GENRES, PUBLIC ART, & VISIONARIES! Human history has proven that we've lost amazing talent to mental health issues. Many artists' mental health issues are associated with the lack of support for the Artist. We've all heard of the 27 Club. We are all familiar with Van Gogh. Although I'm not able to list all of the artists who have committed suicide or died from self induced drug overdose I have embedded some names of these precious lost souls into this painting. It's a collage of the names Wiki provided. ("Collective Love" By American Contemporary Artist Ellen Benfatti) It's important that the collective understands that the stagnation of creative expression can cause a backup of energy that needs to be expressed for OUR (Yours, Mine, and Our) wellbeing. When this stagnation reaches a tipping point it can cause a very "creative soul" to give up hope. It's no different than being a gifted surgeon and not receiving due compensation for surgery. Why do we undervalue the creative in our society? We throw the scraps to them like stray dogs! This can cause self- esteem issues which in many cases leads to mental health issues. Often times the final destination is the unfathomable, suicide & addiction. At our core (Root) we all desire to be seen. In fact, we now know, scientifically when a particle is observed it behaves differently than when it's not. We are all made up of tiny particles. The need to be seen and not overlooked is important for our wellbeing. Why do we celebrate the inventor that created the first gasoline car (FORD) and not our local artists? By the way, that invention has gone on to pollute our planet. At the time of the invention of the FORD, there was an alternative vehicle that would not pollute our planet. The automobile keeps all of humanity in bondage to gasoline, leading to wars over oil, and an environmental planetary crisis. Yet, the brilliance of Van Gogh, who was a visionary, introduced impressionist painting and was treated like a stray dog. He saw the energy of the living and his paintings depicted this phenomenon. Van Gogh’s creative expression was rejected by his own community, family, and society. His art was considered grotesque. Why was he overlooked by his community and placed in a mental hospital? Why didn't his community support his creative genius? His most recent sale of a painting at Christie's New York sold for $117.2, yet he died impoverished, institutionalized by his community, and as a financial burden to his brother. He was brilliant and ahead of his time but they (his community) considered him crazy and his art "ugly". I anticipate that if we truly want to collectively ascend to a Heart Centered Planet it is vital that as a collective we first provide support toward the Artists among us. As a community we can have a positive impact on the lives of our artists, their families, and our own communities. A thriving supported artist births new ideas in a creative way. These ideas include energetic codes. The vision from their heart and their creative genius is shared with their community thus affecting the entire collective. From our own little world the Artist can reach OUR COLLECTIVE WORLD. We can now look back to Van Gogh's time period when impressionist painting was collectively erupting. The Artists' Collective Third Eye was opening and bringing into our reality a powerful shift in the human collective consciousness. He was a pioneer of what has brought us to the ascension WE are currently experiencing. He was and still is a Master Teacher. While living, his genius was unrecognized by those closest to him. He died a tragic death and he lived a painful life. How many artists will have to die before our collective chooses to support the creative genius within & among us? Let's not forget the children. For those of you who are in the throes of raising a family, how many creative outlets are made available for OUR children? How many art classes, dance, music, gardening, cooking etc. are OUR children exposed to during their school day? I would bet it's near zero. Now compare that to how much screen time they are spending on an average day. From my observation it's usually left up to the overworked and underpaid teachers to foster creativity into the school day and the curriculum. There's zero budget for it through government funding. Why is that? Creative expression is connected to personal freedom. Free thinking fights back against world domination and mind control. Am I concerned? More importantly, ARE YOU CONCERNED? As the Founder of Butterfly Genius, Inc. and as a professional Artist I'm extremely concerned. What will our fate be as humans? AI is taking over, there's a lack of funding for public art programs, lack of financial support for emerging artists, and let's not forget the ever approaching One World digital currency. The death of the creative could be just around the corner! It's up to us to join together and reprioritize how we want to experience our world. How do you envision 5D? We dream about it and it's spoken about in the collective as if it's going to magically appear. Let's not forget cause and effect is a principle of the universe. We must act upon our dream for it to materialize and anchor it into our reality. As the Founder of Butterfly Genius, Inc., I have a dream. In this dream men, women, and children are safe to freely express themselves from their heart center. I believe the opening of the heart center can be supported through the creative process. At the end of the day Van Gogh died of a broken heart, not suicide! Let's face it. He felt ignored, abused, misunderstood and as a burden. Those heartfelt feelings of not being supported led to the demise of his mind. Eventually those thought patterns convinced him he didn't belong. It was those thoughts combined with his broken heart that led to his suicide. The sad reality is that with collective support there may have been another outcome. Unfortunately he was surrounded by lower vibrational beings who saw his creative genius as foreign. Something they couldn't understand so they rejected him. Not only did they reject him they tortured him collectively by talking about him behind his back, turning the entire community against him. A collective bullying. After his death his talent (Artwork) has made many millionaires. It's a sick reality. How many more Van Goghs will we let die? When we take responsibility in our communities to support the emerging creatives that God has so graciously blessed us with? Not all kill themselves or waste away to addiction. Some die of a slow death. Like the air going out of a balloon they just never take flight. Eventually they wither away on the inside. I know from my own experience, as a creative and an influencer, that the opening of the heart center is a cornerstone to humanity's full ascension. I also know that we won't fully get there without entering through the heart. The creative gateway is the birth canal of group ascension. It allows us to tap into the subconscious and rewrite programs from previous trauma both individually and collectively. Let's choose to put our time and money into supporting ourselves and the beautiful creatives in our community. WE are our future! History has proven that the most advanced civilizations in OUR existence focused on heARTistic genius! Let's tap into that genius.

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Butterfly Genius, Inc. is currently sponsoring an exhibition in Sedona Arizona Featuring Contemporary Artist Ellen Benfatti. Please join us to celebrate this artist and her achievements. Ellie has been painting for twenty years. Her last exhibition was in Italy. It sold out. We are fortunate to have her beautiful vibrational paintings exhibited at Village Yoga, Sedona AZ.

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